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Beat Makers Free Or Commercial

Free Beat Makers or Commercial Beat Makers

Which Type of Beat Makers Should You Get?

beat makersThe advantage of a free beat maker is obvious: price!  You can’t beat free…or can you?  Anyone who has used Open Office® and Microsoft office® knows the difference between commercial software and freeware.  It’s not that freeware can’t get the job done; it can.  But when making beats, you don’t just want the job done.

The difference in the beat makers is the quality of beat track you can produce

The sound of your beats is determined by two factors.  The first is your creativity and imagination, the second is the tools you use to create a playable beat track so that others can be amazed at your genius. The most used tool today is the digital beat maker.

First conceived in the 1980’s modern beat makers have advanced to the point where they can help you create beats indistinguishable from beats made in professional sound studios.  So choosing the right beat maker is the first step you need to take in becoming a beat making artist

Free beat makers for the most part are toys to pass the time with.  They do not produce the quality of audio to impress you or your friends.  If you try playing a beat you made with a free beat maker at a party, get ready for an unpleasant surprise.  What may have sounded good through your ear buds plugged into your PC will come out lame when played on high end stereo equipment and when compared to professionally produced tracks.

One free beat maker exception

There is a beat maker called orDrumbox and it will produce industry quality drum tracks at 44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo sound.  The problems with this free beat maker are the poor user interface, lack of separate tracks and low-quality samples.

You can work around these by supplying your own sound samples and loops, but in the end you will spend as much or more on these extra’s as you would just ordering a commercial beat maker.

Sample of an orDrummer track:

Website —> Beat Makers Free: orDrumbox

Commercial Beat Makers

You can spend anywhere between $25 to hundreds of dollars on commercial beat maker software, so knowing what you want before you begin searching for an excellent beat maker is important.

Think of which of the following categories you fit into the most and that will guide you as to what kind of beat maker to select.

Beat Making Categories

Just Want To Play Around – People in this category have no intention of ever letting anyone else listen to their beats.  They just like making them as a hobby and a way to pass time.

Recommendation: orDrummer or other free beat makers like Beat Box from Chrome.

Want To Make Beats To Impress My Family And Friends – If you would like to make beats to play at parties, give away to your friends or just post to your social media sites, then you need to get a beat maker that cost less than $50 like Dub Turbo.  This type of beat maker produces a sophisticated sounding beat track very quickly.  You do not need to be a sound engineer to use it because all of its sound samples have been recorded and processed in a professional studio by professional sound engineers and producers.

Once you download it, you can have your first beat burned to CD in less than an hour and it will sound like you produced it in a LA studio.

Drum Track Sample Made By Dub Turbo

Go Now! —> Beat Makers: Dub Turbo

I Want To Make Beats Professionally – So you want to become a producer.  Then you need a more sophisticated beat maker.  You need a beat maker that can process the sound samples themselves.  You need a beat maker that has audio equalization, quantizing, high and low band pass filters, signal compression, and more.

I was shocked to discover that there are such beat makers that start out for less the $50.  Beat makers like BTV SOLO, which was created to please the likes of Dallas Austin.  I am not saying that you should select this particular beat maker, but I think you might kick yourself later if you didn’t at least check it out.

BTV SOLO Sample Beat Track

Go!—> Beat Makers: BTV SOLO Website

As you can see, understanding what you want to achieve with your beat making is the most important first step you should take.  Then you will know which type of beat maker to choose.  I really wish you the best of luck in your creative endeavors.

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