How To Make Beats Hip Hop

How Do You Make Beats That are Good Hip Hop Beats?

A question was recently asked, “How do you make beats that are good Hip Hop beats?” What do you need to label a certain beat as strictly Hip Hop?

Well first of all no one beat or track can be labeled or grouped into one single genre. Hip Hop music has a foundation built on sampling. Yes there are producers who create all original beats and tracks, but a majority of Hip Hop is sample based.

Make Beats Hip Hop With Samples

Hip Hop producers dig through music of all genres to find the perfect sample to chop up and make beats with. So if a producer pulls a sample from a country and western song does that mean the finished product will be a country and western track? If a sample originates from an old R&B cut does that mean the track can only have R&B vocals on it?

The beauty of sampling records to build new tracks is the endless amounts of creativity you put into it to make beats that are awesome.

Make Beats Hip Hop With Swagger

Okay, this is all fine and dandy, but what truly makes a beat Hip Hop? Even though I hate to use this word, I have got to say that the only thing that makes a track hot in any genre is, SWAGGER!

As a Hip Hop enthusiast, I truly love all types of Hip Hop music. Down South chopped and screwed with a southern twang, East Coast gritty, West Coast with a touch of funk and all the other types in between. So a beat track may work down south but completely flop for an east coast crowd. So does it mean the beat was weak or worthless?

Make Beats Hip Hop By Finding The Strength Of Your Track

Real producers need to find the strengths of their tracks and decide who it caters too, and what type of MC or vocalist will compliment the track. Many producers make the mistake of presenting their whole catalog of beats to artist hoping that one of them will make the cut, but a good producer will study the style of the artist, research where that artist is from and then make beats that they think will work for that artist.

Today there are many tools to create quality beats. Be it original tracks or sample based tracks. Gone are the days of buying a standalone sampler that runs into a sequencer that hooks up to a board, which hooks up to an audio compressor. Today technology has taken production to levels not seen before.

For example software such as DUBturbo ( now gives new producers as well as seasoned pros the ability to create tracks out of the box and within minutes. Creation of any type of beat or track has never been so easy. DUBturbo ( puts at your fingertips 1000’s of sounds you can use and a highly advanced sampler as well as numerous components needed for production. So creating that perfect beat for any genre is only limited to your creativity.

So to answer the initial question,“what makes beats hip hop?”, the answer is creativity and swagger.

Make Beats With Dub Turbo Now <—Go! 

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